Weekly Wizards

11 weeks, 11 Master Wizards interviewed. Learn how the best make magic and get to know your favorites better 🧙

EP #11 - Reverse (non-)Weekly Wizard with Boxer, Danning and Hildobby

In this final (non-)weekly Wizard Danning and Hildobby interview Dune's very own Wizard Boxer. Boxer will tell the tale of the Dune Community, talk about what makes Dune's Community so special and shed some light on his view of the crypto market and data sphere.

Ep #10 - Andrew from Mirror.xyz - web3 education, DAOs and finding your job in web3

Andrew does Data Science @ Mirror.xyz, gets people web3 data jobs with "web3 data degens" and is in general just a really active contributor to the web3 data space.

Ep #9 - drethereum - Rabbithole.gg and how to onboard users to web3

Doc manages the data side of Rabbithole.gg and has amazing insights as to how the onboarding of users in crypto is going.

Ep #8 - Michael Silberling - The Dune Goat | Data for an entire L2

Michael is considered by many to be the best Analyst working on Dune today and is doing amazing stuff day in and day out.

Ep #7 - Tom Schmidt - Evolution of crypto data

Tom has previously been a PM at Facebook and Instagram, worked for 0x Network and is now a general Partner @ Dragonfly. We'll try to dig Tom's brain about about the history of on-chain data querying and how Tom decides

Ep #6 - Richard Chen

Richard is one of the greatest Dune Wizards alive and General Partner @ 1confirmation. We talk to him about his views on the industry as is, and where we might be going.

Ep #5 - Elias from Coinbase - Why data matters

Elias is one of Dune's most prolific users and has made a couple great dashboards that garnered Industry wide attention.

Ep #4 - Danning from 0x Network/Matcha - Dex Aggregators and dex data

Journey into Crypto Data Science, what she works on today and we talk a whole bunch over what dex aggregators do and how you can measure their success.

Ep #3 - Yulesa & Roberto from Messari - Financial reporting in DeFi

How to build a quarterly report with crypto data, what goes into that and how data is leveraged across the industry to find a basis for your decisions.

Ep #2 - Niftytable - NFT trends

NFT trends and developments, how to find a footing in the web3 industry and how kofi and 1confirmation think about thesis and frameworks for investing.

Ep #1 - Hildobby - NFT market deep dive

NFT marketplaces, advice on how to become a Dune Wizard and building a following using the power of Dune.

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