Unleashing Data Possibilities with Aptos on Dune

Dune is revolutionizing data accessibility on the Aptos network.


  • Aptos users, developers, and projects can now enjoy Aptos’ entire historical data, curated and human-readable on Dune today.
  • The collaboration opens up a world of possibilities for Dune's community—beyond the EVM landscape.

Dune has completed its integration with Aptos to revolutionize data accessibility on the Aptos network. Together, Dune and Aptos are enhancing decentralized applications (dApps) searchability on Aptos to bring high-quality data insights to its ecosystem.

A Secure Gateway Beyond EVM

At the heart of this integration is Aptos' breakthrough programming language, Move. Designed to facilitate seamless and secure project integration, Move empowers developers with easy onboarding to reduce time-to-market and maximize impact. 

Leveraging Move, the Aptos ecosystem has access to a comprehensive suite of data integration services, enhancing transparency and security. Aptos serves as a secure non-EVM gateway, providing partners with access to the rapidly growing community of projects seeking world-class data integrations and an additional layer of trust and security.

Elevating Data Standards Web3-wide

Dune’s mission is to make data accessible through organized, decoded, human-readable cross-chain data. Millions of users and contributors leverage Dune, which boasts 1.5M datasets, 3TB of data added daily, 600,000 decoded tables, and 15+ chains coverage with full historical data.

Now, with the integration of Aptos, Dune can provide industry participants with data insights beyond only the EVM landscape.

Dune Co-Founder & CEO Fredrik Haga says, “Both the Aptos Foundation and Dune share a commitment to inclusivity and data accessibility in Web3. We look forward to bringing millions of new users to the Aptos ecosystem while opening up a new world of possibilities for our community."

Unprecedented On-Chain Data Capabilities

The integration of Dune is part of Aptos' broader initiative to enhance on-chain data capabilities.

Mo Shaikh, CEO of Aptos Labs, says, “Decentralizing the web experience for users and builders on a global scale requires regularly achieving unprecedented levels of trust, security, and transparency. This partnership with Dune embodies all three, simplifying data standardization in the process.

The Aptos Labs team created an early set of dashboards that highlight some of the key stats on Aptos:

Aptos Official Chain Metrics Overview Dashboard

This collaboration kickstarts an era of unparalleled growth beyond data integration; it's empowering users with enhanced transparency and security in a data-rich future in Web3.

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