Solana Decoding is live!

A New Era for Solana Analytics

We’re excited to announce that, starting today, Dune supports decoding for Solana programs! 

This marks the first time a non-EVM chain has been decoded on Dune…… & it’s a massive unlock for users building with Solana data!

“Dune’s new capabilities decoding Solana increases transparency for the ecosystem and improves usability and understanding of the programs transacting on Solana. This is a big advancement for the Solana ecosystem."  

- Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder and CEO of Solana Labs.

Historical analysis on Solana has always been a challenge, especially when compared to EVM chains, because of its massive scale and nested data structure.

To put things in perspective, Solana generates a staggering 100GB+ of data daily - 40x more than the 2.5GB produced by the Ethereum mainnet!

We can now make this data far more accessible by fully decoding the instructions and inner instructions from raw transactions level data to create program specific datasets. 

We’re looking forward to significant improvements in usability & performance, & wider possibilities for Wizards working with Solana data on Dune.

“This was a massive technical challenge. This break-through will change the game up for anyone who wants to query Solana data”

- Fredrik Haga, co-founder and CEO of Dune. 

Similar to how we enable the community to submit ABIs to generate the events and function calls datasets for smart contracts, all that's needed to decode Solana programs are the IDLs for Anchor or Native-based programs.

IDLs for programs can be submitted here.

Here’s an example query that uses decoded tables to show the total Mints on Metaplex:

Here's another showing the cumulative downloads of xNFT DAPPs:

& finally this query shows detailed Whirlpool Pool Stats:

That's just a small sample. Some awesome entire dashboards have already been created. Take a look at these:

If you & your team are ready to jump right in - start submitting your program IDLs today!

Want to learn more first? 

We've explained everything in detail in our docs, & if you want to get more familiar with Solana data in general, take a look at this great guide in Web3datadegens.

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