Scroll is now LIVE on Dune!

Scroll, the L2 that seamlessly extends Ethereum’s capabilities through zero knowledge tech is live on Dune.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce an integration between Dune and Scroll zkEVM, marking a significant milestone in our journey toward enhancing transparency and accessibility in the blockchain ecosystem.

"We're excited to collaborate with Dune in bringing our zkEVM data to our community and seeing what insights it brings. This partnership signifies a shared commitment to fostering transparency and driving the continued evolution of decentralization and we look forward to the exciting possibilities it unlocks for our community." - Scroll Co-founder Sandy Peng

From today onwards, users of Dune will have access to comprehensive data from Scroll's zkEVM blockchain. This integration brings forth a wealth of opportunities for developers, data analysts, and enthusiasts to delve into the intricate details of Scroll's on-chain activities.

“The demand for zkEVMs within Dune's community has seen remarkable growth. We are delighted to welcome Scroll and their ecosystem, providing an accessible scaling solution that aligns seamlessly with Ethereum's core values of being trust-minimized, secure, and open source” - Fredrik Haga, Co-Founder & CEO at Dune.

Accessing Scroll’s data is now available natively within the Dune platform. Anyone can start building dashboards and queries with Scroll data or submit new contracts for decoding. The Scroll team created an early set of dashboards that highlight some of the key stats on Scroll:

Scroll Key Metrics

Usage tracking of the official Scroll bridge

Tracking the cost of making transactions on Scroll (gas)

Whether you're a seasoned analyst, a passionate crypto enthusiast, or simply curious about understanding what is generating on-chain activity for Scroll, you can now use Dune as your gateway to a more transparent, interconnected, and inclusive blockchain ecosystem.

Begin your exploration of Scroll’s rich data ecosystem today on Dune!

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