Polygon zkEVM is now LIVE on Dune!

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Polygon zkEVM with Dune! The future is ZK!

We are thrilled to announce the integration of Polygon zkEVM with Dune, a step forward in our mission to democratize access to blockchain data.

Polygon zkEVM, an Ethereum scaling solution that leverages zero-knowledge proofs, is known for its efficiency, security, and compatibility with Ethereum's existing developer ecosystem. 

As the zero-knowledge (ZK) ecosystem grows, Dune is on pace to meet the increasing demand for detailed data analysis within this space. The integration of Polygon zkEVM's data into our platform, alongside our prior work with Scroll and zkSync, underscores our commitment to providing extensive coverage of ZK technologies.

Why Polygon zkEVM?

Polygon zkEVM stands out for its innovative use of zero-knowledge proofs, offering a scaling solution that enhances transaction speed and efficiency while ensuring privacy and security. Its compatibility with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM) makes it an attractive platform for developers looking to build or migrate dApps without compromising on the benefits of Ethereum's mature ecosystem. Already ingested with Polygon blockchain mainnet’s data, this is our next step in unlocking the full Polygon ecosystem for data analysts and developers.

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"This integration of Polygon zkEVM with Dune unlocks a crucial resource for the entire Polygon ecosystem, including developers, users, and the community as a whole. It facilitates an in-depth analysis of Polygon zkEVM, offering vital insights into transaction speeds, smart contract performance, and more. Dune's role in enhancing blockchain data analytics has been indispensable, and we're thrilled to see these advantages extend to the Polygon zkEVM community."
—  Jordi Baylina, Co-Founder of Polygon Labs

“By integrating Polygon zkEVM, we're adding essential data on scalability and privacy enhancements within Ethereum's ecosystem to our platform. This decision aligns with our commitment to deepen our users' analysis capabilities, particularly around zero-knowledge proofs,"
Fredrik Haga, Co-Founder & CEO of Dune.

What does this mean for You?

The integration of Polygon zkEVM with Dune brings an array of new data and insights directly to our users. From detailed transaction analytics to smart contract performance, the rich data landscape of Polygon zkEVM is now accessible for in-depth exploration and analysis. Initial dashboards available to users include:

Polygon zkEVM Asset Deposits by @polygonlabs
Polygon zkEVM Asset Withdrawals by @polygonlabs
Polygon zkEVM Network Metrics by @sealaunch

Users can now also use Dune API to directly convert any query into a flexible API endpoint.

What’s Next?

Looking ahead, our commitment to providing the best blockchain data experience for the Polygon community remains unwavering. We are continuously enhancing our platform by adding more resources and featuring sample dashboards created by our talented community members. These initiatives are designed to empower users with the tools and insights needed to unlock the full potential of Polygon blockchains’ rich data ecosystem.

We are constantly on the lookout for new and emerging blockchains to add to our stack. If you believe there's a blockchain that deserves to be part of our platform, we invite you to submit your proposals through our Data Request list here. Or, use Dune API to upload your own data and make them discoverable on Dune!


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