DuneCon 2023 Wrap Up

Bringing together crypto’s best data minds

This month the Dune team touched down in Lisbon for DuneCon23, our annual user conference. The Dune community continues to inspire us with the excitement of everyone coming together to make crypto data accessible. For those of you who weren’t able to join us this year, or for those of you who are just looking to relive the day, let us walk you through some of our highlights.

The best thing about DuneCon will always be meeting the relentless and resourceful crypto data community. DuneCon for us isn’t about flashy hype, but getting to the heart of the wealth of open data that exists in the blockchain space. It’s about giving back to those who are building for the long term. DuneCon is an unbeatable occasion for anyone interested in crypto data to come together, talk about their work and build strong relationships within the community.

Not only are the brightest data minds present in the audience, but also on stage as speakers. It’s truly humbling to share the stage with so many giga brains. A huge thank you from us for inspiring the space and keeping the data flowing.

During the day, we also got to spotlight a few recent Dune launches. DuneAI will completely change the way we speak to data. Dune as a data hub will let you seamlessly take data in and out of Dune. Alerts are letting teams like Theia and Blockworks keep track of important events happening on chain without having to check dashboards. And a whole host of new data to explore - from new chains like Zora and Zksync to community datasets like Flashbots and Farcaster.

We want data to empower every participant of the crypto economy. And we’re seeing this come true more and more each day, independent of crypto prices and market sentiment. 

Every data point on public blockchains becomes a springboard for stakeholders, analysts, and teams of all sizes to engage, learn, and contribute. The open accessibility of data transcends traditional barriers of credentials, wealth, or background. It democratizes access to on-chain knowledge for anyone with the curiosity and motivation to dive into it.

We’re leaving Lisbon with a continued commitment to our community. To collaboration, to accessibility, to the best crypto data out there. We’re embracing this ever-evolving landscape of data. Can’t wait to see you at the next one.

The data must flow.

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