Celo is now on Dune!

Celo data is now live on Dune!

Our quest to democratize crypto data never stops - and we have an exciting update for you!

We're very happy to announce that... Celo data is now LIVE on Dune!

Celo is a carbon-negative, mobile-first, EVM-compatible blockchain ecosystem aiming to lead a thriving new digital economy for all.

Celo Foundation Partner Kevin Tharayil looks forward to Celo's data on Dune:

​​"Dune Analytics and its community data platform bring critical infrastructure and expertise, transforming on-chain data into meaningful industry insights. The Celo Foundation is excited to welcome Dune Analytics to the Celo ecosystem. With more than 1,000 mission-driven projects, users and builders may learn more about Celo and the community's mission to create the conditions of prosperity for all"

Dune wizards can now begin exploring this important and robust ecosystem of on-chain activity. With a user base in the millions and transactions in the hundreds of millions, the possibilities for investigation are boundless.

Celo data is available on Dune today. Since the chain is still fresh, only a few contracts are decoded so far, but head over to https://dune.com/contracts/new to submit any contracts you’re interested in working with.

To get you started, we already have a fantastic example dashboard crafted by none other than the top 6th Dune wizard (by stars) on Dune, the famous springzhang!

Have a peek at it for data on blocks, transactions, users, and more! You can find the dashboard here.

The Celo Foundation will also be hosting an Analytics Contest with a total prize pool of cUSD 5000 to facilitate insights into the Celo ecosystem. Details of this contest will be published very soon so keep an eye out for it! 

In the meantime, we're already pumped to see what you will create.

The data must flow!

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