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Arcana is where we explore web3 news and trends using on-chain data. Join us as we dive into blockchain’s biggest stories to understand them in a new light while learning to become better data sleuths.

Weekly wizards

10 weeks, 10 Master Wizards interviewed. Learn how the best make magic and get to know your favorites better 🧙

Leveraging Your Data Communities with Andrew Hong

In this talk, Andrew walks us through his insights into the web3 data economy and its participants. He also shares some advice for Solidity devs that would enable analysts to more easily work with their data. Andrew's Twitter:

How Lido Creates Analytics Using Dune with Grigori Shestakov

Grigori from Lido walks us through Lido's operations with and on Dune. Lido builds liquid staking protocols for blockchains. For more on Lido, please visit

Building Backend Data Infrastructure with Ben Smith

In this workshop, Ben from Cow Protocol walks us through his Python Dune Client. The client is built on top of the newly launched Dune API and offers expansive features to work with the Dune API internally. The Dune client can be found here: Ben's Twitter:

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